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Discover the power of clear writing!

Your writing is a reflection of you. It reveals who you are, what you are.

Clear, accurate writing communicates competence. It creates trust— establishes credibility. Your readers see that getting things right matters to you. They’re more apt to believe and to act on what you say.

That’s power.

But careless, unorganized writing breeds doubt and confusion. Readers inevitably ask, "If they can’t get this right, how can I trust them to get other things—much more important things—right?"

Clear writing delivers. It's that simple.

Sales letters . . . Web content . . . reports . . . books . . . brochures . . . media releases . . . newsletters . . . feature articles . . . profiles, and more—We’ll ensure that they are clear, concise, and powerful; connecting with your audience and generating results.

We'll get it right—We guarantee it.

Discover how we can put the power of clear writing to work for you.

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What My Clients are Saying

Kevin Miller, writer. kevinwrites.typepad.com
"You're exactly the person I've been looking for: A go-to guy that I can count on to provide efficient and professional editorial services every time. Highly recommended."


Dr. Alan Smitton, www.alansmitton.com.
"I hired Philip to help build a website to promote my private practice. After some preliminary discussions, he guided me through a simple survey that accurately identified a number of goals and criteria for the website—exactly who I wanted to reach, what their concerns were, and how I could best relate to them. He then researched and developed appropriate content. Both his ability to understand what people are looking for in a psychologist and his knowledge of the principles of good website design informed the architecture of my website. 
      "Since we completed the website, several of my clients have commented on how well it reads. I have also gained several referrals from the site. Philip’s professional skills along with his understanding and caring nature make working with him a pleasure."


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